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"Kids like to play Xbox and Playstation, or be on Instagram and Twitter, but she wants to play basketball, and that will always be with her,'' Newman said.

"She's gifted with that passion and drive that she has." Miami is the only school that has contacted Jaden so far, according to her father.

In this way they will develop confidence in their own ability and pride in the fact that they are farm boys." Groseclose immediately began work on a constitution and bylaws for the new organization, and J. Hoge later suggested a name: Future Farmers of Virginia.

She is believed to be the youngest girls player ever to get recruited by a Division I program.

» Introduction to the Congressional Charter » National FFA Organization Public Law 105-225 » National FFA Organization Constitution » National FFA Organization Bylaws » A Brief History of FFA » Prominent FFA Members » List of National FFA Officers (1928-2017) The roots of FFA originate from a time when boys were losing interest and leaving the farm. Newman, who in September 1925 became the Virginia State Supervisor of Agricultural Education, sought a solution to the problem with Edmund C. Newman proposed forming an organization that offered farm boys "a greater opportunity for self-expression and for the development of leadership.

Groseclose, staff members of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute Agricultural Education Department.

Adding the college attention could certainly heighten the pressure on a young girl who has been in the spotlight since she was 8 years old, but her father doesn't think that will be a problem. "She's on the right path with colleges already looking at her." Newman said he and his wife both grew up loving basketball, and passed that down to their children.

He said his daughter's dream is to play for the University of Connecticut, a perennial powerhouse and the defending national champion.