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For over fifty years he and his wife, a woman in every way worthy of him, traverse* 1 life's pathway together. to give maiden name of your mother-in - number follows in brackets. Barnes comes to the "At the Ball" production fresh from a successful appearance at the Winter Garden in New York. Taken to Buffalo Without Being Able to Notify Friends. Boasberg, who styles himself "Jew- eller to the Theatrical Profession " has made a practice in the past of using the courts of Erie County to assist him in collecting installment payments on the jewelry that he sells. The first "legitimate" matinees held Paris since the beginning of the war were given last Sunday, at the Comedie Francaise and the Opera Comique. 19 (for South Africa), Rosa Hamel, Wilfred Connelly, Otto Viola, Three Lascelles, May Glen, Alfred Cunningham. At the Lyceum the annual pantomime was shown for the first time Dec. There are also reports Lord Haldane i$ behind the venture, but this ia not believed generally. The writer of this editorial asked the question, "What would happen if there should be another cut? Arthur Prince have made application for life membership in the White Rats.

Together they hewed a home out of the unbroken wilder- ness, together they fought the battles of I life, together they enjoyed the honors and j rewards of their work. Swingers club in friendly village, in shelbyville indiana to fuck near pine bluff, fuck in patoka, utah swinger housewives clubs, girls in windsor, dating naked girls sites shy people, shawna hall swingers hotwife dating sites in dayton party old married and looking for an open relationship.Girls in bryan texas that wont to fuck ft worth texas adult sex clubs. It is in history that one evening during a vaudeville, Mr. Hammond belatedly reclining into an aisle seat and cried: "John Bunny, make yourself welcome I" THEN MAKES HIM LAUGH. Philip Bartholomae and Miss Alice Ger- stenberg have taken the aame old ingredients —social climber mamma, fortune hunting Duke, bold and comic hero— adding the pretty lyrics of Silvio Hein and have produced quite a delectable piece of musical comedy 'pie. Roy Barnes served it piping hot on Christ- mas Day and gave a amall but most appre- ciative audience two hours and fifty-five min- utes of unadulterated merriment. In fact, he falls so hopelessly in love with her at first sight— any one might— that he frankly admits "she can put her automo- bile in my garage just any old time she wants to build it." But, of course, Mr. He holds the center of the stage most of the time, and his comedy is so good that the audience is rocked with laughter all the while he is talking and acting. If you don't advartlao In VARIETY, don't «dv«rtl M ANOTHER BERNHARDT? The beauty-comic is rare enough to be one in a generation. But that's just what "At the Ball" did when it opened at the American Music Hall yesterday afternoon. Roy Barnes, who said his father wanted him to be a great general like Von Kluck, but he couldn't go to war and slsughter men because he was a lady killer, may not be the whole show, but he is a goodly part of it. He is stranded in Europe when the war breaks out and serves as valet to a Duke aa a means of getting back to America, where he falls in love with pretty, blonde Olga Cook as Daisy Hollister, heiress, of course. Cecil Cunningham is out of the cast of the Winter Garden show because of illness and will not return.