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Family relationships may be used to describe the emotional bond between people involved in a union, but the emotional relationship component is used to describe the emotional bond between any two individuals in the genogram (family tree).

The two individuals have a written contract about the cohabitation status, involving benefits such as parental responsibility, common ownership, and inheritance.

Genogram symbols will usually have the date of birth (and date of death if applicable) above, and the name of the individual underneath.

The inside of the symbol will hold the person’s current age or various codes for genetic diseases or user-defined properties: abortions, still-births, SIDS, cohabitations, etc.

After creating the ecomap/genogram on word, move cursor below it and type the analysis. Click here to download a sample ecomap and genogram with analysis.

It is called Ecomap Genogram Relationship Assignment. Save the document with the filename: “Lastname_Firstname_Module_4_Assessment_10” (Example: Smith_Jill_Module_4_Assessment_10.docx) STEP 7.