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“I just wanted to confirm that Game Trailers is shutting down officially today,” he said in a Neo GAF post. We all found out mere hours ago, so we’re still reeling a bit.

Sincerely, thank you all for the tremendous support.” As a fan of Game Trailers, it’s disheartening to see my once go-to destination for video coverage of games be no more.

The site is closing down after 13 years, it has been announced.

“When Game Trailers was founded in 2002, internet video was a revolutionary concept,” the company said in a statement.

Those retrospectives of theirs were also pretty damn great. I don't think I will ever forget the sound of Brandon Jones' voice. Dude is a real talent and The Final Bosman is a great show. I really liked the Final Bosman and Mandatory Update. Bloodworth was a cool dude and the only one I really recognize now other than Brandon.

I didn't visit the site too often anymore, but I will miss it nonetheless. Their original business model became obsolete quite a while ago of course and there were clean signs that they were being continually downsized but for a moment there it really did look like they were going to recover in some fashion. And their video reviews had great production value and were a nice second opinion. It was a Giant Bomb sized site without Giant Bomb's subscriber model. Hope he gets picked up quicklike and I'm sure Brandon will get work or make his own.

GT would remain part of the same conglomerate for nine more years, before being acquired by Defy Media in 2014.

Okay, okay, there was Halo Wars 2, but you already forgot about that like most people have, right? Whether it's pictures from inside of the convention center spoiling the conferences, companies getti...pretty shitty thing for the company to not even give them a notice. Other than Polygon, there seemingly hasn't been many new major outlets in some have a goodbye stream going up in about 5 minutes for those who are interested Trailers EDIT: forgot to add I hope everyone affected finds employment quickly. I can't say I've used the site at all for years now though, I think people's interest in video game trailers these days is low and I only ever watched one or two of their features.Game Trailers, a name anyone who’s ever followed video game coverage on the internet knows all too well, will cease to exist.If you hear and see someone talking about Disney - also Brandon.I think I first predicted their imminent closure sometime last year. At one point it even looked like a sharper, leaner version of the site was breathing a second wind into the place, led by people like Kyle Bosman. I hope all of the remaining staff find new opportunities soon. Gametrailers has always been one of my favorite places for video reviews, due to their high production values and accurate criticisms. Haven't visited that site in a long while, probably not too long after Shane left.