G dragon jessica dating

The Sulli and G-Dragon dating rumor started when they visited Lotte World amusement park with Ga In and Goo Hara early February.The rumor spread further when people started saw G-Dragon and Sulli wearing “couple rings.” Some people also speculated that Sulli and G-Dragon flew first class on Korean Air together, arguing that the man Sulli rested her head against on flight was G-Dragon’s manager.https:// TA3/ BIGBANG’s agency, YG Entertainment, denied all rumors.I have soon other guy celebs using the same filter as G Dragon so does it mean that 2 guys are dating ?Whoever posted this article must be too innocent and has not seen the outside world before .“G-Dragon has not seen Sulli since they hung out in Lotte World with friends,” a YG representative told Star News on March 16.Regarding the heart-shaped couple rings, the YG representative said, “G-Dragon’s acquaintance gave (the ring) to several people as a gift.”G-Dragon had picked f(x)'s Sulli as the cutest girl group member back in 2011.Jessica is a CEO, a creative director, a fashion designer, and singer, her life was going well until a her heart was broken again.

However, on the same day, SM Entertainment spoke with enews, saying, “It is false that Jessica and Tyler Kwon are dating.The last source of evidence, which has been the center of attention among netizens for a while, includes T. I didn't believe it then, but it must be true." omg how dare youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... GD said: "we're not gonna kick out a member or leave etc. ovverated useless Miekochie is the UGLIEST girl,she needs tons of makeup for that her fake face can look somehow like real and decent much more worser than Taeyeon .no v.i.p said anything bad abut taeyeon so why should you say anything bad about g-dragon?!!!!!!! We're friends", therefore GD don't like the racist ugly plastic fake overrated petite girls as taeyeon, taeyeon is the worst female leader of kpop. Wait are you a transgender sorry I don't get it v.v OMG people are just too niave and simple minded .G-Dragon of Big Bang and Taeyeon of the Girl’s Generation have been rumored dating since last year. 2015 right after they separated from their respective partners.Recently, netizens are comparing their Instagram accounts and they have concluded that the two band leaders are really having a special relationship. G-Dragon broke-off with his model girlfriend Mizuhara Kiko while Taeyeon broke-off with Baekhyun just last September.