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Hodges, yet the ruling remains challenged in Texas.

As well, we try to reach witnesses as quickly as possible to get a clear picture of the case.

An A–Rape (including Statutory Rape, Date Rape, and Spousal Rape) –Sexual Assault | Aggravated Sexual Assault –Child Pornography -Child Molestation –Indecent Exposure -Internet Sex Crimes -Solicitation of a Minor -Sexual Abuse -Lewd Conduct -Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (when required) In addition to the risk of lengthy jail time, people charged with sex crimes also face the burden of being categorized as a “sex offender.” Convicted individuals are required to register between 10 years on some charges, to as much as lifetime registration for more serious sex offenses like child pornography or sexual assault. Even simple things like finding a place to live, getting a job, or traveling can be made nearly impossible.

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