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Your smartphone has even become the ultimate wingman, putting you in touch with the world, meeting new people for a chat, or even a hookup and possibly infusing some spice into your sex life…Adult Phone Sites have been taken to a whole new level by introducing a new trend in sexy exchanges.

The word Sexting is a combination of sex and texting and it can be lots of fun when practiced with respect and consent.

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Sensible Robert Niles, formerly of the USC-Annenberg’s Online Journalism Review, writes in a community forum “devoted to media, business, arts and technology criticism.” He invites readers to share their observations in a public journal on the site.

Journalism2ls: 85 Tools Every Journalist Should Know Five Slack Communities Where Journalists Can Collaborate Solutions Journalism Toolkit Product Hunt: Journalism Tools Site Solutions Journalism Hub An online space full of resources for journalists and ideas to support changemakers and citizens. Solutions Story Tracker Curation of content and a heat map of new ideas and models for solutions journalism.

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With life pulling us left, right and sideways, it’s no wonder smartphones have become the ultimate human sidekicks, making our lives easier in so many ways.

People all over the world use smartphones and apps for expedited communication and for interactive purposes such as playing games, listening to music, browsing, taking and sharing pictures and so on.