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Since 2003, we've focused on developing an environment that encourages individual lifestyles and fosters personal and academic growth.Our two communities, Andera Hall and Nicolay Hall, consist of 54 apartments housing a total of 200 Southeast Tech students.If you’re not used to seeing ravens, the best way to tell them apart is if you’re at higher elevation or in a more rural or coastal area and find yourself thinking “that’s the biggest #$%^&*# crow I’ve ever seen! More scientifically, ravens have diamond shaped tails in flight, deeper almost croak-like voices and are about 2.5x as big as a crow.2) To answer this question I’ll take a page from The Savage Lovecaste’s Dan Savage and describe them as “monogamish.” More scientifically, we describe them as being socially monogamous but genetically promiscuous.9) Like most birds, crows do not have an external penis (ducks are a notable exception).Not only do they not have a penis, but they only have one opening for all things related to reproduction and waste elimination called the cloaca.Crow sex consists simply of a pair rubbing their cloacas together for about 3-10 seconds during which time the sperm are transferred from the male to the female.10) Assuming you’re not a trained veterinarian or have access to blood sampling/analysis tools, you can’t by just visuals alone.

The deposit will remain on account for the duration of the student’s residency and is non-refundable.

Males tend to be bigger but that’s not reliable enough to go off. Like many other species of birds, crows and ravens engage in what’s called communal roosting.

If you’re patient, it will become very evident once the breeding season rolls around and one starts spending most of its time on the nest. This is where groups of both kin and unrelated individuals flock to a particular location for, in part, the security of safety in numbers while they sleep.

Each resident enjoys the privacy of his or her own bedroom. Southeast Tech Housing has two live-in professionals, full-time maintenance and full-time security staff that are available to assist residents.

Our staff is dedicated to making the Southeast Tech housing experience a positive one!

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