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Historically, for me, the mention of a foot fetishist would have probably conjured images of a Ted Bundy-esque weirdo, scrambling around under tables, or lurking under cars; desperate to get a lick of a poor, unsuspecting woman’s toes. Foot fetishism, or podophilia as it’s officially termed, can be hot. So, without further ado, here’s what I learnt from dating a hombre who likes hoofs. But, from my experience, podophiles are not into any old foot. And, as you’re about to hit send, you can’t help but wonder if the recipient will ultimately turn out to be a dick and share your pussy pic with your unsuspecting facebook friends. Well, if you’re sexting with a foot fetishist you needn’t worry about all that. READ MORE: What Happens If You Ask A Foot Fetishist To Review This Summer's Shoes A foot-job is a thing Yup, that’s right.

And if the guy I was dating was fantasising about getting up close and personal with the tootsies of stig of the dump then sure, I’d probably run a mile. Or show in interest in your shoes/pedicure/stockings? You’ve spent another half an hour looking for the right filter to blur out that zit that just appeared out of nowhere. And, let’s be honest here, once you let someone spunk on your feet, there’s really no room for modesty or distrust anymore. Once you’ve entered the world of foot fetishism (or probably any fetish really) wonderful, orgasmic doors are opened. Because you’re making your fetishist happier than they ever imagined and they’ll want to return the favour.

I believe women are supreme and must be worshipped. thank you ve Looking for u little submissive ****es.

I am a Dominatrix and looking for some boy toys to use and abuse.

So it was actually me who’d made him realise he had a foot fetish in the first place.’ ‘When I asked him about it he said, ‘I like the shape, the fact they are sensitive and intimate.

I just find feet very womanly and erotic, plus yours are prettier than most.’ I initially found it odd and Googled what it might all mean.

From what I've seen, public mentions of the phrase foot fetish are generally followed by giggles and a short discussion of some guy on the news who got arrested for hiding under strange women's cars so he could get a brief lick of their feet while they loaded groceries into the trunk.

(That's the media for you.) And apparently, there really are guys who subscribe to websites like Footsie Babes and attend local "foot parties."But like any other sexual passion, there are many levels of enthusiasm, and those guys are the extreme.

However, the enthusiasm for you below the ankle is still there, and because of the social implications of having a "foot fetish," many guys don't tell the women in their lives. Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message. i am a hard-working guy looking to have full-fill my desire of serving a female in real life. I guess I'm what you'd call a foot fetishist, although this designation is more complex than you probably think.Most foot fetishists are not perverts, sexual deviants, or anything to be afraid of.