Farting chatrooms

What other things do people do that bother you in your group chats?

"Fart rape" is a phrase that came out of "rape culture" theory, with roots going back to a documentary entitled "Rape Culture" which was released in 1975.

Here are the worst things people do in a Whatsapp group.

I want to know how I can get rid of the terrible odor that comes out of me.

I eat a balanced diet with no excess of anything I can think of. Dear Smellyass, Some folks' opinion of a "balanced diet" really don't meet all the good health standards that are usually implied with the term.

Bazinga continues, "There is also a question I may ask of the woman who sees herself as the victim: 'Did you dress like you were asking for it?

'" Indeed, many feminists are reacting to this news by belching louder, as well as farting louder.