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Like the late Aaron Swartz, who in January committed suicide while being federally prosecuted for downloading JSTOR articles, Webb intentionally exceeded authorized access in her research. But given the lack of prosecutorial discretion we’ve seen in other cases, including many CFAA cases, is that something that really should be left to the prosecutors’ and judges’ discretion?

“If we can make the case that the value of the information she obtained by data mining these fake profiles exceeded ,000 in value, then she has possibly set herself up for felony charges—with maximum imprisonment of five years,” he writes.

But Techdirt founder Mike Masnick wonders if Webb committed multiple felonies under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by violating JDate’s terms of service agreement.

He notes that JDate requires users to provide accurate information about themselves, and impersonating others is restricted.

Identity theft is when a person pretends to be someone else, without that person’s knowledge or permission, to get a benefit or to cause harm.

An identity thief takes on another person’s identity by using their personal information, which includes the person’s name, address, date of birth and email and social media log-in details.

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This would include creating a fake profile to harass or offend someone.All of these individuals, through blind faith, naiveté, or something else, unquestionably fall in love with someone they have met through various social media sites (think Facebook).However, the person they have fallen in love with conveniently never has access to a webcam to chat, sometimes even purports to not have access to a cell phone to talk, and certainly never meets the individual in person.Laura says she stumbled on a profile claiming to be her on My The problem is she didn't create the profile and the information wasn't true.