Emotional cheating in dating

But let’s be honest here, would you truly feel OK knowing that your significant other is lunching, laughing and sharing their Often times, feeling emotionally distant from a boyfriend who you feel never fully listens to you, or a girlfriend who doesn’t understand you, can make a person become emotionally detached in their relationship and start to drift off.When this happens, many people find it’s easier to take comfort in the companionship of a “buddy” because they have an unbiased viewpoint and are easier to talk to about problems without having to worry about getting in a fight.Sure, there may not be any a physical relationship at play; however, this type of situation still raises In many ways, emotional attachments are stronger than physical attachments that rely on sexual encounters.However, most people would argue that emotional infidelity is not comparable to the extremity of an ongoing sexual tryst.She discovered her recent ex was shagging one of his co-workers mere days after their breakup.Worse still, another colleague told her that the guilty couple had been flirting outrageously for the past month.It’s, simply put, any form of unsuitable communication with a girl you fancy, who clearly isn’t just a platonic friend and certainly not one you would want your girlfriend to know about. But forget anything Robin Thicke tells you: there are no blurred lines, just right and wrong.Sex is just one player on an adulterous chess match.

Because of this, emotional affairs can sometimes occur unintentionally.

It can be difficult to determine if someone was innocently flirting or text message cheating when you catch them communicating electronically red handed.

It all comes down to meaning, boundaries and intent.

Though sexual cheating is one of the most common forms of infidelity, emotional cheating can have an equally negative impact on your relationship.

While you may think that your innocent “friendly affair” is based purely on the principles of friendship, it’s more than safe to say that your significant other wouldn’t share the same belief.