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the mobile learning edge: tools and technologies for developing your teams.investigating acceptance toward mobile learning to assist individual knowledge management: based on activity theory approach.

The results of the Structural Equation Modeling revealed that (1) user interface and perceived ease of use had significant effects on perceived usefulness; (2) user interface and personal innovativeness have significant effects on perceived ease of use; (3) perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use significantly affect satisfaction in learning; (4) perceived usefulness does not have significant effects on intention to use.Decreases in cost and increases in capabilities of mobile devices have made this medium attractive for the dissemination of knowledge.Mobile engineers, software developers, and educationists represent the supply side of this technology, whereas students represent the demand side.Here we discuss these differences, the problems that we meet and possible ways to solve them. Qureshi Iqra University, Pakistan M-learning is the style of learning for the new millennium.