Eleanor gehrig dating

That was the first I'd ever seen such an allegation. Most people believe Gehrig would have left her had he thought it true. Yet this is the first I've ever read of his wife possibly having an affair with Babe Ruth.

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Yet, there are times when a simple embrace can be more eloquent than any arrangement of words.

However, true happiness proves fleeting, when a mysterious fatal illness comes between them.

Their relationship didn’t need any special pathos, but decades before “love means never having to say you’re sorry,” provided plenty.

Upon her passing, some headlines proclaimed her “First Lady of the Yankees,” for her constant presence at the team’s Old Timers’ Days spanning four decades.1 “I would not have traded two minutes of the joy and grief with that man for two decades of anything with another,” she wrote in her memoir, .

“Happy or sad, filled with great expectations or great frustrations, we had attained it for whatever brief instant that fate had decided.”2 The romance between Eleanor Twitchell and Lou Gehrig has been trumpeted as the great American Love Story: the mismatch of a former Chicago “society” girl and a shy immigrants’ son.