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Stopping short of an apology, Newton said he understood why his actions drew heat. Were Newton’s fans truly hurt by his series of one-word answers, followed by his pouty walk-out?

Maybe at first, but you’d imagine that in the ensuing hubbub, in which people seemed to take one extreme (he’s a horrible loser and person) or the other (nobody would have said anything if Peyton Manning had done this), that Newton’s fans would have been firmly in the second camp, vigorously rallying to their QB’s defense.

That’s not to say Newton was wrong or is some sort of villain for his actions. On a night when no one would have been talking about him, Newton inadvertently focused attention on himself – negative attention – for no good reason.

He isn’t a good sport or a bad sport based on the press conference, the same way he’s not a good loser or a bad loser because he shared what looked like a heartfelt handshake with Peyton Manning after the game. The problem with Crabby Cam is that he’s supposed to be the future of the NFL – the heir apparent to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

The skit made fun of Manning for having a poor season, and made fun of the controversy surrounding Newton this year for being a “thug” despite appearing in commercials and on children television networks.

Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing said the law Brewbaker is trying to change has been in effect since 1994 and is only used in very limited situations.Prior to that, a hearing was held to determine if a juvenile would be tried as an adult.Breland said the hearings could be lengthy because a teen could end up tried as an adult and sentenced to an adult prison.“I think the idea has merit because a lot of times there could be extenuating circumstance that justify not trying the person as an adult,” Ward said.Those circumstances could include mental capacity.“There are times when it is appropriate to try teens as adults, but there are times that it’s not,” Brewbaker said.“I’m not taking away the decision to try a teen as an adult, but I am making a human being take responsibility for the decision.”“Instead of attempting to prevent violent offenders from being justly punished, the Legislature needs to focus on finding funding solutions for our criminal justice system, which will prevent these type of offenders from being free to victimize others,” Rushing said.