Drupal xml sitemap not updating

/files/xmlsitemap/40cd750bba9870f18aada2478b24840a/1and it looks OK. However, "The page you requested does not exist." What can be the problem - where should I look? The first is large, the second smaller, the third just a little index. Interestingly, even when I try to access one of the partial files (as listed in index.xml), e.g. (highly recommended) Download the Elements module and then select the sitemaps to regenerate on admin/settings/xmlsitemap. Adjust your sitemap's minimum lifetime to 'No minimum' on admin/settings/xmlsitemap/settings, and then run cron, and then adjust the setting back to where you had it. Looks like this was a sharp spot migrating from alpha2 to beta1 at the very least.I checked the generated files in my case again, but they are all right - just the hash folder and the xml plus index files in it.You can see the sitemap link here are lots of links. Then we disable the status to 0 for all the "in-hi" nodes.

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Are there data bits in admin/reports/dblog that might give a clue?In some cases, the cache functionality on your site prevents the sitemaps from updating automatically.Cache can be handled through a lot of methods so you may not have intentionally added a cache feature but it's there nonetheless. Some non-cache plugins or Word Press themes include a cache feature. I noticed this happened in 3 of my D7 sites, I believe this is a bug happened in lots sites but just no one noticed. Only I rebuild the sitemap OR I go back to the node and click "edit" and then "save" again, and run the cron again, the sitemap will be updated, the new link will be added into the sitemap.