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In the below example, I am doing an AJAX call to hit to retrieve a Since both copies of Chance had the same seed, they will both generate the same random number sequence each time they’re called. This is possible because Chance is built atop a Mersenne Twister, a pseudo-random number generator which produces repeatable results given the same seed. Instead of providing a seed, which will be used to seed our Mersenne Twister, you can also specify an arbitrary function to generate random numbers which the rest of the library will utilize when generating everything else.A rather simple example, simply using Math.random() instead of our Mersenne Twister 'Lel fi huepe jupu akse zej ire vesik kojvulom zon is biwuwkef pa.

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They were coined, adopted and built into big and easily recognizable names.Your online name should be catchy, roll off the tongue easily, good to say and good to hear. A shorter name is better, as it will be easy to remember.A shorter name is better also, because typos can be avoided while typing URLs.If you’re in the business of selling auto parts online, you don’t want to become famous and be known by the name ‘howtobakecookies’, right ?What is the benchmark for a name for a blog or a website ?