Dbml not updating

One file will be the generated partial class that can not be changed as it is overwritten when the template is re-ran. You can implement the partial methods in this file. The file that can not be modified will be hidden under the file that can be changed.Properties on the template: The manager template is for helping you get started with business logic for the LINQ entities.

The manager will also have rules for the entity properties to make sure required fields are not null and that the length of a string does not exceed the max length the column allows.

Reading the is very easy as it’s just an XML file with a published schema.

I also needed a way to read the database structure – I already had some code for reading a SQL database structure but it could not replicate the clever work that goes on when reading Stored Procedure output formats.

The template will create a new file if it doesn’t exist.

If the file does exist, the template will read it in and update it. The entities template generates the entity classes needed by LINQ. You can modify the names for classes and properties by editing the dbml file.