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By Joe Leydon In "The Replacements," most of the smooth moves come from a well-thumbed playbook, and no key player bothers to go outside the lines while tackling his stereotypical role.

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Despite almost constantly being at the end of the pack and one of them threatening to give up at nearly every opportunity, Brooke and Scott won The Amazing Race.

According the The Hollywood Reporter, Denman will be jumping onboard what will likely be a raucous revival of the popular 1990’s kids series (initially dubbed ,) that famously spliced and dubbed its actors into archival action footage from the original Japanese series it adapted.

However, the film, directed by Dean Israelite, won't be giving Denman Zords or energy-endowing Power Morphers.

Having discovered acting as his real passion, he pursued a career by working on various television series.

David Denman has gotten roles on series like ER , Chicago Hope, The Pretender, and The X-Files.