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Mistress gifts were also more likely to be more sensual, like lingerie, champagne or chocolates, compared to practical gifts for their wives, like a phone upgrade or a new purse.

The best-selling Mistress card says: The cards can be sent from any email address and arrive to the recipient immediately.

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I, Stephanie Trotter, OBE try to operate an informal helpline Mobile 07803 088688.Illicit has added a range of Valentine’s Cards to their successful series of Mistress Cards celebrating ADULTERY.The new range of Mistress Cards launched by the UK’s largest married dating site ahead of Valentine’s Day has instantly become an unlikely bestseller, with 2.6 being sold every minute.Survivors/Victims I am sorry you have had to visit this website at all. If you wait I may not be able to help you as much as if you had called immediately.If you can't get through to me please try to preserve the situation as much as possible, although allowing the gas emergency service into your home to cut off the appliances is absolutely necessary for safety and won't change anything that matters.