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Modern, casual yet upscale pizza joints could be a good place to start.Siamo nel forno, La Mas Querida and Filo, all have proved to be solid options.

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A financial goal should be specific (clear and detailed), measurable (includes an amount), achievable (doable with sufficient effort), realistic (not impossible), and time-bound (should have a deadline). Today’s economy doesn’t allow us to have our dream dates, and go by plane to Bahamas one day and travel to Paris the other day. But, with a little imagination everyone’s date can be frugal, fun and memorable at the same time. Don’t worry; you’re not stingy if you are reading an article about cheap date ideas.There are so many things to do at a fair, so you are both bound to find something you enjoy.It’s one of those fun cheap date night ideas, that won’t cost you a lot, and you will get out of the house, and do something unusual. Some of you ladies might not have money for season tickets to the Nick’s and that’s okay.