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This was created after I came across a thread from the owners saying they won't be creating a server-side API, which hinders 3rd party software development.

Hope it helps some developer somewhere get something neat built. Just create a new POFSession object and its methods drive everything.

The site is the property of its respective provider or its licensor and is protected by applicable copyright law, and their terms of service are located here, which you must agree to when using this library.

I make no claims of ownership of their content or services.

I know many people prefer to speak on the phone first... I really don't want to talk to someone who is 20 years older than me or someone who is incarcerated in jail. Since when did they allow people who are in jail to have a phone?? Not to mention the predators that are looking for someone to take care of them.

I signed up for the app with it stating it was a month and they don't tell you they will charge you three whole months.

I was forced to delete my account to avoid harassment and racism and they refuse to return any funds.

Friend needed to meet the very available men physical sense of relationship alive but no matter.Most features require you to log in with the object, but it will tell you what you need to do if you miss something, and safely manages its own state for any features that are stateful.This library is being used as an example use case for all of the additional considerations that go into the creation of a python library so that other work will be more polished and consumable, and so that other work that I create will have a higher likelihood of inclusion into other projects.For those of you who do not know, POF change their Policies.They have the right to share your profile with other dating sites that are governed by Match.