Dating while living with parents

"I'd waited a long time for someone special to come around.

If he's unemployed, his job search is probably one of the biggest things in his life right now.If you live in a third world country that is to be expected, but if you live in the United States it brands you as a looser in the eyes of some people.You're 27yrs old for crying out loud...its not the fact that you live with your parents, it'll be that you have facial hair, red hair, tight pants, handicap....putting pressure on yourself..get out there. My BF is 26 and lives at home but he didn't when we started dating.If you're dating a man who lives at home, odds are it doesn't bother you..much.If you find it's nagging you a little, focus on the long-term: It's probably not your man's fault that he can't find the perfect job or afford rent at the moment (but that doesn't mean he won't be able to down the road).