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House leadership and officers (1789-present) Senate leadership - President of the Senate, President Pro Tempore, majority and minority leaders, whips,etc.

Senate party leadership - Democratic Conference, Republican Conference, party policy committees, historical lists Legislation , includes legislation introduced, reported, passed, and considered by the full House or Senate each legislative day Bill and law texts received today Bills by policy area term Bills introduced as private legislation Bills introduced by request Bills vetoed House and Senate amendments - 97th Congress-present (1981-)Legislation with actions related to committees - House | Senate Legislative actions - reports of legislative actions taken per Congress and related bills Most-viewed bills on - 113th Congress-present (2014-)Sponsors and cosponsors - House | Senate - browse legislation by sponsor or cosponsor Resources Active legislation - finding aid Versions of bill texts, see Center for Legislative Archives - National Archives repository of Congressional records Legislative histories - guide to producing legislative histories from the Law Librarians' Society Legislative histories of selected US laws on the internet - Law Librarians' Society Legislative process - see also Amendments, Appropriations, Legislation, Vetoes Legislative process videos on - nine videos that explain common legislative phases Related glossary terms (jump past glossary terms) [glossary term]Media galleries - House | Senate Members of Congress - find members and see sponsored and cosponsored legislation on About congressional member profiles - Biographical directory of the United States Congress (1774-Present) Congressional directory - GPOFind your representative by zip code - finding aid Guide to House and Senate members - GPON [glossary term] Presidential documents guide Public laws: current session of Congress Stay updated about public laws National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) News services C-SPAN (Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network) CNN Politics The Congressional Quarterly (subscription required for full access) Fed Net (Federal Network, Inc.) The Hill Represent, Pro Publica Nominations About nominations Cabinet and Supreme Court nominees - U. Senate Federal judicial vacancies [glossary term]Search nominations Supreme Court nominations - records dating from 1981Supreme Court nominations - Law Library of Congress resources Nongovernmental organizations (NGO)United Nations NGO relations World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) Party divisions of the House of Representatives House of Representatives History, Art & Archives website (1789-present)phrase searching - see Search Overview Policy area term Browse bills by policy area term Policy area terms [field value list]President The American Presidency Project - Public papers of the U. Presidents, hosted by the University of California, Santa Barbara Codification of presidential proclamations and executive orders - National Archives (1945-1989) Compilation of presidential documents - daily and weekly updates including statements, messages, remarks, GPO (1993-) Presidential documents guide - National Archives Presidential libraries - National Archives list of all presidential libraries Presidential nominations - see About Nominations Presidents, Vice Presidents and coinciding sessions of Congress - Clerk of the House resource (1789-) Project Vote Smart - voting data for members of Congress Public laws Public laws list on Public laws: current session of Congress - National Archives list of current public law numbers Public laws update service recording - (202) 741-6043Q Résumé of Congressional Activity (1947-)Roll Call votes by the U. Congress browse list (1989-)Rules, precedents, and procedures Committee websites: House, Resources tab - Rules Committee | Senate - Rules and Administration Committee House manual search the manual and rules - GPOHouse precedents - House practice [PDF], Deschler's precedents, Cannon's precedents and Hinds' precedents - GPOHouse procedures - general parliamentary, 115th legislative protocols, and committee - Rules Committee House special rules reported - Rules Committee House standing rules [PDF] - Rules Committee Senate procedures - Riddick's Senate procedure , Senate legislative process Senate standing rules S Senate standing rules Sergeant at Arms - House | Senate Sessions of Congress Days in session calendars - see also the Calendars and Schedules Research Guide Joint sessions of Congress - House of Representatives History, Art & Archives website Presidents, Vice Presidents and coinciding sessions of Congress - House of Representatives History, Art & Archives website Saturday and Sunday legislative days of Congress - House of Representatives History, Art & Archives website Sessions of Congress (1789-) - House Clerk's list and Secretary of the Senate's list [PDF] Table of congressional publication volumes and presidential issuances [PDF] - Law Librarians' Society (1789-) [glossary term]Statistics Congressional apportionment census Congressional districts: fast facts for Congress - Census Bureau data on U.

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