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Seven techniques are included in this competition as described on the website. A special cross-category award will be presented for a textile that combines two or more methods.An overall first prize will be awarded to the best sample in the competition.It is well known that Chinese silk textiles were brought to the West along the Silk Road and that Western silk textiles were transported to China. Henning, a piece of brocade with a motif of paired stags in roundel preserved in Huy, Belgium was identified with the silks made in Zandana village, Bukhara.

In Sogdian there is a word paring (pr'ynk, pryng), which means "damask silks" (ling in Chinese) (Henning 1945, pp. Out of 44 fragments of silks, 24 fragments are Chinese damask silks.The present article presents a discussion on the silk fabrics which were used and produced in Sogdiana.The Sogdians were not only traders but also users of Chinese and Persian brocades.Beta Analytic uses Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) technology, which gives the most advanced precision and accuracy for carbon-14 measurements.The lab is based in Miami, Florida, and is the world leader in carbon-14 analyses since 1979.