Dating someone out of your comfort zone dating kristen dalton

Comfort is nice but stepping outside it is amazing!

Ah the magic and safe images brought on by the word comfort!

About 2 months after we split he met the woman who became his wife; they've just celebrated their 3rd anniversary. I don't know if dating me changed him (he had dated interracially before; I had not), but it sure changed me.

OH, and he should be loyal, charismatic caring, kind…you get the point. What Happens When What We Say We Want Isn’t What We Really Need?

We all have a physical dating ‘type’ There's a common look and certain physical characteristics among the people we have dated.

But unfortunately, we also seem to gravitate towards people who have the same negative characteristics as those we've had in previous relationships.

But love is not a skinny vanilla latte with a triple shot, and as much as I love my computer, it won’t hug me back.

Sometimes, instead of a 6’1 tall dark and handsome bedroom gifted guitar playing wino who does the right things, always…I might find myself falling for something, someone different, who doesn’t fit into my little box at all, but in my heart of hearts, deep down, handy dandy mental checklist tossed to the wayside, he just might be exactly what I never knew I needed. Maybe his style leaves much to be desired-maybe he’s too busy doing other great, amazing things to worry about what brand of jeans he’s wearing.