Dating someone in your college class

While your young mind is being molded and your young body is still pliable enough not to want to quit after five bottles of Stella Artois and go to sleep, here are the boys you will have undoubtedly outgrown by the time you receive your (useless) liberal arts degree — but are essential to date and/or And if it ever gets boring, just remember how awesome you thought dating college guys was in high school. Worse comes to worse, if you passing him in the hall afterward on the way to the shower, diffuse the tension by throwing your loofah at him, screaming "BEAR! Her assignment delineates specific boundaries so students know what to expect. It's like the brand-new semi-adult version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. When I said goodbye to Danny* at the airport, he pushed a fishnet-gloved palm up against the glass (this was in the days when you could still walk people to the gate) and sobbed as I boarded a plane to NYC.I wasn’t crying, at least, not until I got to my dorm and realized that I was going to be crazy lonely.

If you're someone who needs more frequent attention or wants to constantly be texting your SO, don't start dating someone who is always busy, holed away in the library studying, and unable to hang out often. Go for people you meet through extracurriculars and clubs.

If you're interested in dating a college girl, the key is to find someone with common interests and make spending time with her a priority.

I started out my college dating career the way most girls do: with a boyfriend back home that I tried to breakup with before I left, but couldn’t quite go through with it.

As long as this guy is referring to "Burning Man" the festival and not some kind of weird venereal disease, college is the perfect time to date a guy whose only real income comes from WOOFing or selling two copies of his ambient noise band's LP on the internet. Nothing as extreme as someone who's, say, conservative on reproductive issues — ew — but it can be totally electrifying to date someone whose ethical views are different than yours, especially while both of you are still learning about yourselves and your viewpoints, even if you ultimately don't end up in a serious thing. But that's sort of adorable, and you can always train him yourself. And if you go Jewish, you might get to hit up fun weddings with free food and stuff. The kid you kind of knew in high school, but not well.

A personal favorite of mine to this day, the college nerd is just outgrowing his teenage fear of women and attempting to grow into his own sex appeal (outside of smokin' hot online RPG games). He will probably do things like read Reddit advice on how to sex you up. But what the hell — we've all got to watch some guy smoke his hand-rolled cigarettes indoors and brag about the time he partied with Julian Casablancas sometime.