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It's worth pointing out that the game moves faster than the usual bullet hell-type STG, and at higher difficulties and later levels, it does resemble one.Angrowa's "Wired Soul" does a commendable job of emulating the feel of the belt-scrolling brawlers of the late '80s and early '90s. So I was wondering if it might have been a little disingenuous of circle Erobotan to give their game "Princess' Edge: Dragonstone" a "G" rating, on account of their heroine running about in the skimpiest of outfits. As for the game, "-Dragonstone" offers fast-paced action and a plethora of moves - easy to get to grips with, tough to master. Neko Navy is a bullet hell-style STG where you, as one of three selectable cats, set off to fight 10,000 mascots(! With three selectable difficulty levels for 7 stages, there is a lot to enjoy for beginners and experts.Mashing the attack button unleashes combo moves, double-tap a direction to run left/right or roll up/down, hit attack while running for a dash move, get in close to an enemy to grapple. Then I realised where I'd seen this costume before - "silver" (read: "white") bikini with red trim? The game has a straightforward scoring system revolving around the bombs/special attacks and the icons you collect to activate them, with a good risk/reward balance.Blasting Fax Server is a cost-effective and reliable high-volume Fax Broadcasting software, has the Web Management interface.It sends bulk Faxes via regular fax modems and also over T.38/G.711 Vo IP networks, fully scalable up to 512 lines.