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There are plans to dance the night away at coming Slab City "prom." But many women reject any permanent arrangements that might tie them down.

"I don't go nowhere I need winter clothes."No one knows how many single women roam the campgrounds, roadsides, and truck stops of North America in motor homes and trailers.My current choice is to get a 30 ft class C and travel with my dogs for a few weeks at a time, but always come home to my home base in NC. Is it difficult to drive/park/manuever a motorhome completely on your own? If you haven't gone places you thought you would never go, and done things you thought you would never do, then you should step up and try. So it's up to you what you'd personally be comfortable with. A generator will give you power if you find yourself in a place without electricity.Are there any older women out in C-D world who have done it? Any serious tips on where to go, what to do, what equipment to add to your motorhome? You might need an adapter for your electrical cord built into your camper.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! The red-hat ladies travel around in Rvs together as a group. Nobody will know you're a woman if you don't emerge in the evening. They'd let her stay a few nights somewhere if she was a lady. Once you get the feel and some miles a class C should be easy to drive and back. Peril try a rental a couple of time to get the feel of everything and then knowing for sure it is an investment you want to make. But, I bought a little 93 Nissan pickup and I'm going to have a customized shell put on the back that will only be the width of the truck bed, and only as long as the bed but with an overcab storage area, so it can easily fit into a regular parking spot, yet still be light, and will be easy to drive and not use too much gas. And I intend to join some local camping groups and take my dog.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Its better to go to sleep early and get up early like 5am and move your vehicle, if its in a parking lot. There are camping groups for single seniors, or just single women, and families, etc.