Dating secrets from my future self

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[a silhouette of a man running is behind the words "CRAZY MAN" and a question mark is on the silhouette] The man claimed to be from the future and ran naked through the city streets screaming "The past! [a knock is heard on the front door, Sharon goes to answer it. My future self has a bad kidney from all the drinkin' he did in high school. It's from the future, with LOSER printed in large letters on it and an expiration date of ] It has to be something eh... three hundred and eighty seven easy payments of a hundred ninety nine, ninety five. So what I wanna to is put a note on your parents' door, telling them I'm the counselor from the school. My parents aren't gonna learn their lesson from having some crap smeared on their walls! I want them to have them to admit that they lied to me! Sure uh, uh, [quickly rises from the table and walks toward the dining room entrance] oh man, could you all excuse me for a second? I think the whole future self thing is a lie, and lies are never the right way to get your message across. [dips the sponge into a poop tray and spackles the wall with it] See? Her most significant supporting roles to date have been in the Judd Apatow comedies The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up.On television, she guest starred in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Smallville, Entourage, The Mentalist, Without a Trace, The Closer, Joey, and Criminal Minds.Unsure who exactly is sending the messages, Lucy is uncertain whether to take the advice being offered.But as the series continues, even more adventures are to be had as Lucy discovers that she is receiving text messages from a future-version of herself.