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This magnificent-and huge-fish shape serving platter is in the form of a fish glazed in cream, pink, and dove gray.It was made by the renowned French faiencerie, Sarreguemines, in Sarreguemines, France, probably sometime in the 1930's.

(Ungilded pieces will have either no marking, or a pattern number only).Beginning in 1851, around the same time as the introduction of the majolica process, Minton supplemented this mark by using the word MINTON or MINTONS in capital letters.In addition to these Minton often used three other impressed marks: a letter indicating the month of manufacture, a pattern shape number, and a potter's mark, though not all pieces will display all three. If we check the chart above, the cypher impressed into the body indicates this piece was made in 1881.One topic that comes up repeatedly on people's want-to-know list concerning majolica are the marks used by various potters to mark their wares.Those companies that marked their wares, and many of them did, were erratic in sometimes marking pieces and sometimes not marking pieces.