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We studied the oral actions of antihistamines from six chemical classes, namely: the ethanolamines (ENA, diphenhydramine and clemastine); ethylenediamines (EDA, pyrilamine and tripelennamine); piperidines (PPD, terfenadine and astemizole); piperazines (PPZ, hydroxyzine and cetirizine); phenothiazines (PTZ, promethazine), and the alkylamines (ALA, chlorpheniramine and bromopheniramine) on cough reflexes, pentobarbital-induced sedation and minute ventilation in the conscious guinea pig.Antihistamines of the ENA class had minimal effects on capsaicin-induced cough although both diphenhydramine (30 and 100 mg/kg p.o.) and clemastine (30 and 100 mg/kg p.o.) increased sedation time (ST). (2013) A Framework for Trust-Based Multidisciplinary Team Recommendation. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg Often one needs to form teams in order to perform a complex collaborative task.In: Carberry S., Weibelzahl S., Micarelli A., Semeraro G. Therefore, it is interesting and useful to assess how well constituents of a team have performed, and leverage this knowledge to guide future team formation.

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La capa exterior es tierra estabilizada que permite el desarrollo de raices por el exterior favoreciendo la biofiltración.

Cada módulo dispone de un sistema de riego individual por exudación que permite que toda la superficie ajardinada creada con estos módulos tenga la misma cantidad de riego en cualquier punto.