Dating pearl drums tiger eye

All three drum shells are multi-ply mahogany and, the re. Sizes; 8x12" tom, 5x14" professional 8 lug snare and, 14x20" bass drum. I had scanned it a while back to send to a fellow collector and in honor of the new vintage section I thought Id do the same here. Check out that dreadful hardware and those no name endorsers...... Pearl didn't really become "Pro" until the 70's.."annoucement" of this was when Ed Shawnessy started sporting a killer double bass kit (in white) on the Tonight Show My first throne was a Pearl.Its different from the '69 pdf download in the Pearl history section. Pearl should offer some of those colors on the Retro Masters. We ended up just letting the toms rest on the bass drum.If you are researching the Pearl Drum Company and need help, please feel free to ask a question on our drum forum.

As I add things this section will grow and become more detailed to help you determine what your drums are and what hardware came with them at that time...

The Special Tiger Eye Delmar wrapped finish captures the vintage spirit that every drummer loves while offering Pearl’s quality, durability and Exclusive SST Super Shell Technology manufacturing process that every drummer deserves.

This special kit includes 2 boom stands and a double bass drum pedal making it the ideal complete drummer’s package.

Sunday, at our local Guitar Center, I saw a 5 pc ELX for 9.99!

In case anyone is interested I thought Id post the oldest Pearl catalog in my collection...