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These letters for special occasions require careful attention to expression; some even follow a format which is rarely deviated from. The corresponding envelope should be the same colour as the letter and preferably the size that is known in Spain as "formato americano" (226mm X 114mm).

The letters in this service of Letter-Writer Deluxe Spanish are of the commercial and special occasions types as these require greater skill in the writing and cannot simply be direct translations of English correspondence. The A4 letter should be folded into three equal parts, which will then fit snugly in its envelope.

Exceptions are some highlighted Catholic dates, as (Sunday).Anyway, "DC" is omitted commonly for years past 200 CE.Leading zeroes are rare, more frequent in the month part when used: is more typical of automated output, as in tickets, forms, etc.Two-digit years are used for short mainly informally where no confusion arises, as in handwriting letters, notes and diaries.Official documents always use full four-digit years.