Dating letters crossword

Spacebar – Changes the direction of your clue selection.Delete – Erases the letters from the currently selected square, square selection does not change.

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Compilers of cryptic crosswords are commonly called "setters" in the UK.

Least favorable crossing for those not fluent in crosswordese: 19a. The revealer phrase is split across 52d and 59d: SET IN / STONE.

The seven long Across theme answers have precious or semiprecious stone names hidden in the circled letters, and their starred crossing Downs have the letters SET criss-crossing the space between the two chunks of stone name.

Today, the longer Downs (which required a few crosses in most cases) were enough to ensure a little slowage, and then there were some clues that seemed less-than-straightforward.

[Flower part] was vague enough that I had to cross it many times to pick it up.