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I’ll probably wind up listing these in the film category, too.

In addition to the list of Kodak papers from the “Photo Lab Index,” I’ve also included information on some other Kodak papers that apparently weren’t made during the time period covered by the book. Recommended developer is Kodak Ektonol or Selectol.

Kodak papers often have an alphabetical and numeric code after the name of the paper (for example, “Azo F-3”). A 1.5 minute developing time was sufficient) Kodak Platino – A medium high-speed enlarging paper with slightly less warmth of tone than Opal. This base permits rapid washing and holds size during processing much better than an ordinary paper base. Kodak Ad-Type – A fast contact printing paper with the speed of Azo. Kodak Velox – A fast contact printing paper with a blue-black image tone. Recommended developer: Kodak Dektol (3 second exposures made with a 15 watt bulb seemed to work well with my prints. Kodak Translite Film – Intended for transparencies, and consists of a safety film base coated with emulsion on both sides. Translite Enlarging Paper – Similar to Translite Film except that paper is used for the emulsion support.

The number refers to the contrast rating of that paper, and the letter refers to the surface type. Kodabromide – A fast enlarging paper of exceptional quality. Recommended developer: Kodak D-52 or D-72 (or, as my pack of paper says, use Dektol of cold tones, or Selectol for warm tones). It can be folded without cracking for mailing or making folded greeting cards. Developing time ranged from 50 seconds to 1 minute, 20 seconds) Kodak Velox Rapid – Designed for use with the Velox Rapid Printer or similar optical printers. Kodak Velite – A photographic paper which can be exposed and processed under tungsten light, fluorescent light, and even subdued daylight. It is recommended for use in a contact printer using a 60 watt bulb. Start with a 5 second illumination at 60 watts and go from there) Kodak Illustrator’s Special – Has a full-scale, brilliant emulsion of the quality and speed of Opal. The speed and contrast of Safety Translite Film are approximately the same as those of Platino No. Translite Film yields especially beautiful transparencies when colored with Kodak Transparent Oil Colors or Kodak Transparent Water Colors. It is coated on both sides with light-sensitive emulsion and has a printing speed similar to Kodak Opal Paper.