Dating in the future

Writer and dating blogger Hayley Thompson talks about the impact of technology on how we communicate with one another, and explores whether screens are actually helping us be more honest. Our latest study has revealed that almost 70% of people in happy relationships are with someone who isn’t their traditional “type”.

The report predicts how relationships will change over the next 25 years (and discusses how they've already changed in recent years) using e Harmony's user data; historical accounts; and interviews with anthropology, technology, and biomedicine experts.

Or did you ever tell the waiter that […] Read more Some of the future’s brightest minds from Imperial College Business School and e uk have explored what dating will be like by 2040 in a report released today.

Yet, most singles (75%) admit they avoid dating people that don’t fit all of their pre-set criteria, meaning that an estimated […] Read more If you haven’t planned your Valentine’s Day yet then don’t panic – you’re not alone!

In 1960, the median age at first marriage for the bride was 20 and the groom was 23 years old.

Today, the median age is closer to 29 for women and 30 for men.