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Instead, this cozy little slice of hipster heaven attracts its When longtime regulars visit Persian-themed Aub Zam Zam, they probably reminisce about former owner Bruno Mooshei, a man so famously cantankerous he’d toss a customer just for ordering a martini with vodka instead of gin.The rules have relaxed since Mooshei went off to that hand-woven carpet in the sky in 2000, but while Located just steps from the historic Haight-Ashbury intersection, Club Deluxe is a throwback to a time very different from the 1960s counterculture the Haight is best known for.

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Ghirardelli might be all the rage—there’s certainly long enough lines outside their doors—but TCHO represents the future of chocolate.In some cases, background checks can significantly influence which San Francisco best fun dating site you decide on.You should take all factors into your determination when doing research on the local fun singles in San Francisco.Take refuge from the San Francisco wind and fog at Urban Putt, an indoor mini golf course. SF Gift Pairing Idea: Buy personalized golf balls that you and your date can play with. On the 19 floor is the Top of the Mark where you can enjoy a cocktail where stars of the 1930’s also used to drink.After a day of hitting balls alongside the miniature Painted Ladies or past the giant skull at the Dia de los Muertos hole, the second-floor restaurant is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat. SF Gift Pairing Idea: Give her a pair of diamond earrings to match the ambiance of the Old Hollywood theme at Top of the Rock. )Relive your high school dating days at the bowling alley, only this time you will not be breaking curfew.