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We look for overlapping periods of usage to determine a range of time that a chest would have been produced.The maximum range that we would age a chest would be a 10 years period, but typically the aging process yields a 3-5 year period.Tiger woods does however intend on playing in the US Open between the 15th-18th of June. Ive zero sympathy for Britney but someone please this particular girl outside assistance. Gerstner International Tool Boxes The nations top TV regulator stated it would be near on impossible for the federal Communications Commission (FCC) consider action against ABC stations that aired Good Morning America when actress Diane Keaton used the f-word.And not her f-cked up parents (who in order to be blamed is often easily of her behavior) or Dr. Last years court decision that threw out the FCCs policy on fleeting references complicates any action the commission might want to take against the stations or use the network as stated in FCC chairman Kevin Martin.I know were located in very superficial times and far of the background music industry almost all image absolutely no substance but come directly on!Some of musics finest entertainers are or were fat ugly and/or less-than-desirable in some way. I wont comment on Perry however until someone explains who the hell he is and what his appeal is.The only way we have to determine the age of older chests is to have pictures of the hardware and joinery used on a specific chest sent in for review.

The Gerstner Chests have hand written numbers inside to keep all of the parts of a particular chest together during production, but no numbers were included to indicate when the chests were produced.

Due to the amount of time we spend researching through our archives for the production period, there is a cost for us to determine the age of specific chests.

Upon determining the age, we send a signed and stamped certificate indicating the chest style and age that is suitable for framing.

Gerstner International Tool Boxes You acquire help from professionals through coaching.

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