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Check out San Marco if you want to live in the mix—you’ll find plenty of nightlife and potential date spots in the charming old town square. Johns River lie Riverside and Avondale, areas with a Bohemian feel mixed with a touch of yuppie. Burrito Gallery and Bar (downtown): Enjoy a cocktail while admiring art and listening to the piano.

For people watching: Twisted Martini (Jacksonville Landing): A trendy nightspot with hipsters galore. Ragtime Tavern (Atlantic Beach): This favored brewpub also offers a dance floor.

One fat white latin girl also rubbed up against an Asian in the lunch line stating, "Asian c*** is good and they think they are stiffs." On another occasion, I was standing out in the hallway of one school where an Asian girl approaching two white girls about class.

These girls stood far apart from her as if she had SARS.

Some of the white Latins that I have talked with around campus (unfortunately, this is a majority I have talked with so far) say Asians were already given the right to attend school. They also say that Asians should not use their minority status to get additional aid.

Both white and white latins see minorities as an attack on the success of white students and black students in school.

Johns River and Southbank to San Marco, we’ve got your dating guide covered for the expansive city that is Jacksonville, Florida!

Jacksonville’s expansive city limits make dating without wheels virtually impossible.

Back when I co-work Swirling, we created a list of interracial-friendly cities and states, and some of them were not really a surprise–Los Angeles and pretty much all of California, parts of Texas, some fly over states, and swaths of regions on the East Coast and South. So today I thought to myself, So I’m off building the MASTER IR-FRIENDLY LIST of CITIES, COUNTIES, NEIGHBORHOODS and TOWNSHIPS that you can feel free to pursue employment, real estate, and vacation spots and know for certain that no one will throw stones, harass you, or otherwise make you feel miserable.

It’s also an awesome list for the single girls and gents who are contemplating relocation. I’m working with the folks at Interracial to create some sort of info graphic or interactive map because we both just love you guys to pieces. Look at the list and feel free to confirm, deny, vehemently debate, agree, disagree, or add your city, county, state or township along with a reason or two why it’s a good place for us to plant some roots.

– April or May 1870) was a West African slave from present day Senegal turned slaveholder and planter in early 19th-century Florida.

When she was 13 years old, she was captured and sent to Cuba, where she was purchased by and married to Zephaniah Kingsley, a slave trader and plantation owner. Kingsley freed Anna in 1811 and gave her responsibilities for his plantations in East Florida.