Dating disasters smh

It was initially misreported that the two miners were saved by a slab of rock that fell on top of the basket, but in a Channel 9 exclusive interview broadcast on 21 May, Webb and Russell stated that this was incorrect and that the "ceiling" above them was merely thousands of individual unstable rocks precariously packed together.The cage was partially filled with rock, and the men were partially buried under some rubble.The mining company, Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture, released a press statement saying they held "grave concerns for the three miners' wellbeing".Larry Knight (44), Brant Webb (37) and Todd Russell (34), were the three miners who remained unaccounted for.Well, to tell the truth he was never romantic in the first place but, look after all this time, I still keep trying. It is not really an Oz word though of course we understand it and know what it is; some of us actually use it too.But really Valentines is a USA thing and not an Oz thing. The concept of "dating" is a disaster in itself, a litmus of the creeping and creepy Americanisation of a choking planet- choked by consumerism.

Treat the other person respectfully, as you would like and expect to be treated.

A month before Sade Dixon and her unborn baby were killed by her baby’s father, Markeith Loyd, she joked about killing a cop in a Facebook video.

In the video posted on Loyd’s Facebook page, he and Dixon, 24, sat in their car, waiting impatiently during a traffic stop. “Go ahead and kill him, babe, so we can get home faster,” she joked about the officer.

“Ya’ll just silly as you sound, Obama didn’t do nothing for you but give you an Obama phone,” he wrote. 21 showing him in bed with Dixon, Loyd called himself a gangbanger. The hardest hood in the O.” 3 weeks later, Loyd shot and killed Dixon when she answered the door at her parents’ house.

“I’m from Carver Shores,” he said, referring to the west Orlando neighborhood where he grew up.