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It’s a very real issue, yet many haven’t even heard of it — or understand it.

Now, we delve into this complicated topic with expert Pia Mellody.

“I told a friend about it and she about fell on the floor. I started talking about it to the patients here at The Meadows, where I have worked for years, and they [admitted], ‘I do that.’ It was stunning.

I was surprised that everybody else was doing it, so I wrote a book.

(You don’t even have to dress for the occasion unless you’re socializing with them through a Web cam.) It is almost too easy, and this is what causes the addiction.

Even if you do end up meeting them, many people do not want to take their profiles off the dating site, in case it doesn’t work out.

Having the experience you do with online dating, I was wondering what you think about some of the psychology of online dating. I was wondering because it seems like so many people have profiles online either the same site or multiple sites for lengthy periods of time.Now in its third season, the show is currently focusing on eight so-called celebrities who supposedly have a sex addiction. Drew has focused on celebs with alcohol and drug addictions.He is a self-acclaimed "addiction expert," and on a recent talk show he was asked if people could be addicted to almost anything. Drew's response was that he defines the term "addiction" as a compulsive use of practically anything that causes harm to one's personal life, career, or health.It can be very difficult to hear how “their” date went when yours may be scheduled in the following week with the same person.It sounds like they are being disloyal but truly they aren’t.