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Education is central to primary prevention and takes two forms: public education for the entire population and work specifically targeted at children in schools/youth work settings.Both strands are occasionally coordinated as in campaigns such as Scotland's Zero Tolerance.The partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay or lesbian; living together, separated or dating.Domestic violence occurs in all ages, races, genders and social classes.However, this approach apparently rests on the behavioural basis of the instrumental conditioning, which, from our perspective, is valid in order to explain some aspects of the victimisation repertoire (mainly the one referred to the learned helplessness and the persistency of behaviour associated to alternate reinforcing) but it fails when covering the complex psychological apparatus associated with a paradoxical attachment.To our understanding, the uncertainty around the thrashings, derived from the repeated and intermittent violence, is one key element in the long way of the attachment, but not its unique cause.The provides a framework in Scotland for "identifying training and development activity required to support improvement in services to women and children who are experiencing domestic abuse, and to men who use violence" (Scottish Executive, 2004b, p.1) but also has relevance for primary prevention work.Specifically in relation to prevention, the Scottish Executive published .

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However, the people working in the search of explanations and lines of action in order to put out the phenomenon of violence and to cut off its consequences, know very well that some women supposedly autonomous in a personal or economic level and even granted with the possibility to have success in several fields of life, otherwise go on with relationship where they are suffering violence.

The judge or magistrate's interim bond can include conditions, such as having no contact with the victim.

(See 2001 PA 198.) Other, more serious assault crimes can occur in domestic relationships -- such as Assault With a Dangerous Weapon (felony - up to 4 years and/or ,000), Assault With Intent to Commit Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder (felony - up to 10 years or ,000), Assault With Intent to Commit Murder (felony - Life, or any number of years), etc.

Secondary prevention refers to when domestic abuse is already evident and action is taken to stop it getting worse or recurring.

The identifies this as potentially taking the form of targeted specialist services with identified populations deemed 'at risk' and support services for women and children experiencing domestic abuse along with programmes for abusive men.