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The former Bachelorette, weeks removed from splitting with fiance Jef Holm, is taking another ride around the track with 33-year-old truck racer Jason White, US reports.PHOTOS: Emily Maynard Bares Her Bra For Jef Holm’s Birthday Dinner A source saw the hot-and-bothered couple at Carrie Underwood‘s November 3 concert in Emily’s native Charlotte, North Carolina.The couple dated for about three years before breaking up in 2005.Emily, an award-winning equestrian, is the youngest daughter of horse breeders Larry and Linda Whitaker of Whitaker Farms in Wyoming and Arkansas.The late Ricky Hendrick, her first fiance and dad of her daughter, Ricki, 7, was a Nascar driver, and she was linked with Dale Earnhardt Jr., 38, in 2006.PHOTOS: Biggest Bachelor breakups "Emily tried something new, dating Jef," says a pal.The two met while attending the University of Kentucky, where Cook played on the football team and Reimann was a cheerleader.Dedicated: Earnhardt, 40, and interior designer Reimann, 34, have been dating since 2009. "''We've talked about it,' Earnhard said of a possible engagement ring in February.

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The NASCAR racers and families need to realize they're not celebrities or athletes just bootleggers that like to drive in circles. Binks was always about the cash and his celebrity and not winning.

Most people watch real sports like the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA.