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Greg's advice had often proven invaluable to numerous people around him, like when he reminded Steven on when to bail out, which in turn saved his and Pearl's life in "Space Race".

Its coloration is unlike any other shrimp in the hobby.He has been known to make poor choices, such as dropping out of college or faking an injury to spend time with Steven, but he always takes full responsibility for it afterward and will do whatever he can to make it up.While Greg is not necessarily knowledgeable about many of the situations he faces, he often tries to give the best advice he can that is based on his own experiences, which can have much value in their simplicity and his pragmatic view on things.However, with a little experience under your belt these gorgeous shrimp are worth the extra effort.The Crystal Red Shrimp hails from Japan, where shrimp hobbyist Hisayasu Sukzuki bred them from Bee Shrimp in 1996.