Context submitchanges is not updating the database

I know this is an old post but for anyone else coming her...

You don't set up a VM for an individual control.

The To List Async() is the asynchronous method of Entity Framework that realizes the data in asynchronous manner.

On the same lines the following code represents the asynchronous versions of the remaining four methods: This completes the Customer Helper class. As an example of consuming the Customer Helper you created in the previous section, let's call the Select All Async() method in the Main() method: The Main() method calls the Select All Async() method and stores its return value (a Task instance) in a variable.

The Wait() method of the Task instance waits for all the background processing to complete.

Inside, it calls the Select All Async() method of the Customer Helper. So far my approach has been to create a new to process it.Here is the code: If your tables can naturally be partitioned into several distinct sets of data, then you can either use SQL Server partitioned tables and indexes, or you could manually split your existing tables into several sets of tables.Now there won't be any (or at least a minimum number of) deadlocks. I think I may have written that article before Db Execution Strategy was available.I did look at it recently but ended up doing my own retries anyway because of limitations with transactions