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Potential dates are likely to be older and established in their careers.

They may have ex-spouses, children and custody issues. Recovering from a separation that was tumultuous or even abusive can be exhausting and traumatizing, according to Esther Giller, president of the Sidran Institute, which provides traumatic stress education and advocacy.

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Parents are rightfully worried about how this process will affect their children and often acknowledge the separation of parents has been painful for their children. Understanding how to balance your child’s perspective with your own needs may help you make good decisions about introducing a new adult into your family. Even young children need to know that mommy or daddy needs to spend time with other adults.2) Parents need time to work through the legal and emotional aspects of a divorce.They are doing themselves a disservice if they too quickly begin dating someone else.If you are dating someone who may became a permanent fixture to your family, your children should understand the this person is special. Women especially put off dating by choosing to put their children first.Bringing home casual dates can lead to increase anxiety and anger for some children. While your child should understand that you have made a decision to date, they do not need to know the details. While there may be times that this is necessary, demonstrating an unbalanced social life is not a good message for your children to learn.