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—Miami, breaking plans with a guy and telling him her golf cart ran over a flamingo. The divorced activist also has five other children.Dad was forced to ship her off to a “therapeutic boarding school” due to her antics, says the website, which spoke to family insiders.

“Cheryl thought she was signing up for a fairytale life in Camelot.

There were so many women, some with the same first names, that they had to be distinguished by profession or city.

While Kennedy didn’t have a gal in every port, he did seem to have friends in many places.

Citing sources close to the allegedly cuckolded husband Laurence Kirwan, The Daily Mail reported the two began stepping out before he and his wife separated in July 2012.

That’s eight months after Kennedy and Hines began dating — and two months after Kennedy’s troubled second wife, Mary Richardson, hanged herself in a barn.

Cheryl hines dating bobby kennedy jr