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Since then, reporters at the NY Times got the founder to talk and they posted the email exchange here.Here are some interesting facts from the NY Times piece: I think we'll reach out to Andrey and offer him a visit to NYC.German Localroulette users are all placed in a German channel together).Topics: Entertainment, entertainment news, LIFE NEWS, SOCIAL NEWS, tbt, Video, Viral Reflections, viral videos, what went viral 5 years ago today, Innovation News, Social News, Technology News, Life News, Entertainment News You held out for as long as you could, but one day — against your better judgment — you clicked on a “viral video.” A song about chocolate rain. That’s why every Thursday, in true #tbt fashion, we’ll be taking a look back at the things that went viral exactly five years prior. The website that randomly paired strangers from all around the world for web-cam conversations — no matter however revolutionary it seemed at the time — was not “the future of the Internet.” Not even close.provide us a fascinating window into human nature in the digital age. According to an RJ Metrics survey from March 2010, 89 percent of Chatroulette users were male.

Controversial video-chat phenomenon Chatroulette has launched a couple of major new features.

At first, the meetings took place in cars or out-of-the-way places.

Later, he switched to using a webcam, according to a profile by Matt Bai in the New York Times Magazine.

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