If you haven't heard of, it's a website where people are video-connected to a random person anywhere else in the world...These random people could be waving friendly people, disembodied penises, or someone trying to prank you via Chatroulette's "video upload" function where you can upload a video to show instead of your face when people stumble upon your channel. Click the previews for the other versions of this after this first video is over.To play, they talked the hero character through the scenes, giving commands like "Run! There were video and sound effects experts who did their stuff on-the-fly, along with makeup people, a gun touch-up painter (they used nerf guns), and a cosplayer.The main actor wore a motorcycle helmet with a Go Pro camera, light and Teradek HDMI transmitter.Alors pourquoi ce site a priori détestable est-il en train de devenir culte?Surprising to a lot of people a new page has become extremely popular in just a few months: Nobody thought about this before, and of course everybody now wishes to have this simple and fun idea.Comme on le voit, le bilan culturel d'une session sur Chatroulette est assez contrasté.

It's basically a video that Jessica Alba made for a site called where someone challenged her to a staring contest.Chatroulette verbindet zwei zufällig ausgewählte Nutzer in einen Chat zu zweit („One-on-One“), durch den es möglich ist, sich per Webcam, Mikrofon und Tastatur zu verständigen.Eine Registrierung ist dafür seit Anfang August 2012 nötig.Beide Seiten können jederzeit die Verbindung mit dem Chatpartner trennen, um mit einem neuen Nutzer verbunden zu werden.Eine Möglichkeit, zum vorherigen Chatpartner zurückzugehen, gibt es nicht.